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WayPoint Analytics
WayPoint Analytics

Product: Addon (Integrated) Software
WayPoint Analytics

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Contact: Diane MacLean
13044 E. Cochise Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85259
Ph: (480) 426-9955
Fx: (480) 661-2969
Email: info@waypointanalytics.com

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Customer Base

Entry Price Point: Based on business volume.
Sales Channel: Direct. Call (480) 426-9955
Vertical Markets
Automotive & Industrial Equipmen; Bearings; Building Supply; Consumer Packaged Goods; Electrical; Fasteners; Fluid Power & Motion Control; Food & Beverage; HVAC; Industrial Supply; Janitorial & Sanitation; Medical Supply; Office Supply; Oil & Gas; Paper & Packaging; Plumbing Supply; Safety Supply; Tile & Flooring Supply; and Wholesale Distribution.

Operating System: Linux, IBM, Unix, Windows
Database: SQL Server
Presentation: Browser, Web Ui

Web-based and Hosted, Subscription-based

Wholesale distribution companies that are able to produce and analyze granular-level costing reports can instantly improve the profitability of their business. WayPoint Analytics is a powerful,
on-line advanced software system that costs out a company’s operations in fine detail.  With detailed and accurate costs, the system shows where your company makes and loses money, so your managers can tailor their activities to optimize profitability.

WayPoint's quantum costing systems give you the unique ability to produce Line Item Profit Analytics for your company from which you can identify truly profitable orders and close profit leaks quickly and easily.  You'll also have a much better ability to manage your customer relationships, your pricing and your company's logistics.

Our software provides you with such detailed profitability information that you will be able to immediately and sustainably grow your bottom line.

Improving Your Profitability Through Precise Business Analytics

By breaking down your company's costs to the actual line-item, granular level, WayPoint quickly analyzes your data and provides your company with detailed profitability information and precise business analytics.  We work closely with your team, teaching them how to use this information to deliver industry-leading (and often exceptional) profit levels, regardless of economic conditions.

Here are just a few ways your company will experience improvements and increase profitability while working with WayPoint Analytics:

Double your Bottom Line:  You’ll improve profitability at the root when using WayPoint Analytics. We’ve seen companies not just double their profits in less than a year, but actually quadruple them!

Using WayPoint’s proprietary 5×5 Reports to discover who your most and least profitable clients are, you will be able to restructure your customer base and capitalize on those customers who are the most profitable.

Increased Commissions for Sales Reps While Increasing Profit: Using the net profit commissions reports, you’ll pay sales commissions on real net profitability thus rewarding sales reps for profitable sales, and improving profitability on formerly draining business.

Outperform Your Competitors:  WayPoint reports give you an insight beyond any standard business analytics tool on the market. These reports are truly unique, and they will provide you with information your competitors could not possibly extract with their own business analytics tools.

Some of The Benefits of Using WayPoint Analytics:

Gain deeper insights into the proper drivers for your business
Validate or refute theories intended to improve profitability
Develop long-term strategies that produce high cash-flow rates, market share gains, and superior shareholder value
Better understand the profit levers of your business
Monitor profit performance in real time
Keep your company on sound financial footing
Measure and monitor every level of your sales force
Prioritize the activities and tactics necessary to deliver industry-leading performance
Evaluate customer interactions
Set price and margins
Drive revenue and profit growth
Deliver superior service where it really counts
Generate reports that show you where you are making and losing money
Share profitability with vendors
See the profit impact of each link in the logistics chain
Accurately evaluate the value of every product
Accurately evaluate the value of every vendor


Working With WayPoint Analytics

WayPoint is designed for companies in wholesale distribution and manufacturing to measure, monitor, and improve profitability. CEOs, CFOs, sales leaders, operations managers and sales representatives use WayPoint Analytics extensively to set strategy, monitor performance, set pricing, and more carefully and efficiently run their day-to-day operations.

Our customer base is made up of distribution companies ranging from multilocation, multi-state and international operations to single location businesses. WayPoint Analytics possesses an outstanding ability to partner with its clients and understands the requirements of wholesale distributors of every shape and size.

Our clients are primarily wholesale distribution and manufacturing industries who are seeking advanced business analytics. Their companies vary in size, but commonly have between $5 million and $2 billion in annual revenue.

The WayPoint system has been used both by companies who have experienced profitability challenges as well as by market-leading companies who want to consolidate and protect their positions.

WayPoint Analytics is a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), which runs on WayPoint’s own servers, and which clients subscribe to use. You can avoid the high expense, overhead and delay of a software implementation. Instead, your personnel get immediate access to a low-cost, low-risk system that can help them deliver immediate results.

However, if you prefer, WayPoint can be licensed for use on your company's own servers, with WayPoint experts on hand to provide backup support for your IT staff.

WayPoint uses the same security the banks use, transmitting all information over secure encrypted SSL channels. All activity is safe from prying eyes. Our servers are firewall-protected, and our people are bonded. We take the security of your information very seriously.


We’re committed to making sure you have the tools and expertise to make WayPoint an important part of your competitive advantage. The kind of profit information available from WayPoint is new, so we understand your team may need some help getting started.

Our experts are on hand to help with strategic planning, user training, tactical training and coaching. We also partner with industry experts, carefully selected for their deep experience and successful track records in helping distribution companies take their performance to higher levels. Our partners specialize in pricing, sales programs and incentive design.

WayPoint Analytics is a companion system that runs alongside your existing system. With WayPoint, you can add advanced profitability and costing analytics and produce hundreds of new reports for your organization without having to change or upgrade the system you already own.

WayPoint implementations require no direct connections to your existing system, and it is completely compatible with nearly any ERP or CRM system.

Data extraction specification takes about 30 minutes to review and a morning to execute. We export invoice data for the last two fiscal years, and YTD for this year. We then take the data in the easiest and most convenient format for you, handling all data conversion and cleansing. The financial data inventory takes about an hour to review and up to a day to collect, including gathering payroll, expenses, etc. Data updates are automated, and frequency can vary depending on your needs–daily weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.

WayPoint is extremely simple to learn and use. New users can master the controls in only 15 minutes, and can begin to use its accurate and detailed reports right away.

This is NOT Business Intelligence

BI systems are just report-writers that businesses bolt onto their systems. They require you to hire people to program the reports, to assemble what you already know, or simply put it in new formats.

WayPoint Analytics actually develops masses of cost and profit data that you would not otherwise have, and it has over 100 expertly-developed, actionable reports built into its system.