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Product: Enterprise Distribution Software (ERP)

SAP Business One


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Contact: Don Nettles
100 Chesterfield Business Parkway, 2nd Floor
St. Louis, MO 63005
Ph: (314) 665-3488 ext 341
Email: don.nettles@vision33.com

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User Range

Entry Price Point: $25k for five users
Sales Channel: USA, Canada, UK & worldwide
Vertical Markets
Wholesale Distribution.

Operating System: Windows, Linx
Database: SQL Server/ SAP HANA
Presentation: RDS/RDP, HTML5

On-Premise and/or AWS Cloud Hosting

About Vision33

Vision33, Inc. (www.vision33.com) is a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions provider, focused on providing the SAP Business One application for growing companies.

Through offices located across North America, Vision33 provides the right balance of software, world-class consulting and support services to wholesale and distribution companies and many other industries better so they can better manage and grow their business. As the #1 provider of the SAP Business One application worldwide, Vision33 guides distributors from the planning stage to implementation and deployment
offering services and support to ensure clients have taken full advantage of the technology to handle their unique business needs.

The best kind of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is business management software that connects all of your key business functions to provide your company with full visibility into your entire business. Many distributors with disparate systems struggle to get their accounting software to connect or integrate data with their purchasing and inventory software. This creates discrepancies and confusion, leaving people unsure if they have accurate information at any given time. With an integrated ERP system, you no longer need different systems
for your finance, human resources, manufacturing, distribution, service, and supply chain management. You can connect your entire operations into a single, centralized software solution to increase efficiencies and streamline processes.

Grow your Business with SAP Business One for Distributors

SAP Business One is an integrated ERP solution proven to help
distribution companies grow fast, run simple, and drive profit.
This powerful tool allows distributors to improve organizational
performance by accelerating and optimizing processes.

SAP Business One is a comprehensive software solution that includes strong financial management capabilities, flexible operational management applications, powerful customer relationship management tools, and optimized management tools that allow distribution companies to get a good return on both their time and monetary investments.

Features of SAP Business One for Distributors

Opportunity management
Advanced inventory management
Order-to-cash management in a centralized location
Serial and batch level traceability
Warehouse management
Customized reports, dashboards and business analytics
Customized quality controls
Replenishment modeling to improve forecasting techniques
Supply chain management
Automate inventory counting
Location management – bulk locations, pick locations, cross docking, etc
Inbound logistics – goods receipts, put away
Outbound logistics – shipping and a variety of picking algorithms
Cycle counting, return logistics, and warehouse transfers
Route planning
Mobile Sales and Service applications

Benefits of SAP Business One for Distribution

Increase order management efficiencies
Shorten sales cycle to improve cash flow management
Optimized inventory management reduces stock-outs and over-ordering
Accurate quoting through custom reports and dashboards that help define the true cost of your orders
Enhanced traceability tools allow you to reduce the amount of time spent on returns, warranty, or recalls
Dock-to-dock traceability of product location and any associated information to your products
Improve efficiency of your warehouse operations
Easily monitor KPIs such as picking, deliveries, returns, etc.
Deliveries are faster and more accurate