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Vertical Markets:
Janitorial & Sanitation

Janitorial and Sanitation Supply (commonly referred to as jan-san) distributors sell cleaning and maintenance chemicals, supplies and accessories to all type of customers. Jan-San distributors have been involved with supplying cleaning supplies for the prevention of the spread of diseases such as the H1N1 viruses adding a degree of complexity to their business. Because of extensive contact with hazardous chemicals that are regulated for OSHA and DOT, government regulation is a significant issue in the industry. Compliance with product labeling rules and use of MSDS along with lot control issues makes this a difficult business.


Unique Features

Front counter capabilities
  • Fast, rapid checkout of contractors picking up items for the day’s jobs.
  • Flexible payment options that include cash, credit card or on-account.
  • Retail POS capabilities such as signature capture.

Rebate Tracking

Warranty Tracking

Delivery Confirmation

Document Management

  • Ability to link to electronic documents to eliminate the cost and time of storing paper.


Cleaning Equipment Trade Association Cleaning Equipment Trade Association

Janitorial Supply Distribution Software Directory

Absolute Value
Absolute Value: Forecasting and Replenishment
Absolute Value Janitorial & Sanitation
With all of today's market complexities, Absolute Value delivers competitive, real-world answers to best managing your inventory now and in the future. Absolute Value is a world class, best-fit, formula-based forecasting and multi-site replenishment solution for distributors. The solution, delivered as a monthly service, allows users to reduce inventory levels and increase profits, while concurrently improving customer satisfaction. A traditional On Premise option is also available. Learn more...
Acumatica: Distribution and Finanical Suite
Cleaning Industry (Jan/San)
These suppliers face enormous challenges across an increasingly complex operations environment, from dealing with complicated products to being able to suppport their customers with top-notch service. Acumatica enables distributors to meet these industry challenges head-on - maximizing productivity while controlling costs. Acumatica provides the needed fucntionality to run their end-to-end operations. Learn more...
Blue Ridge Blue Ridge: CLARITY Replenish
Janitorial & Sanitation
Managing erratic demand is more important than ever. CLARITY addresses erratic demand, and helps manage the guessing game for which items will grow and which will continue to fade in this market that constantly challenges the leaders in these DIY industries. Regional uniqueness, seasonality, housing and production market differences all conspire to vex companies as they seek to identify how much of which products the market wants. Learn more...
Demand Management, Inc. Demand Management, Inc.: Demand Solutions
Wholesale Distribution
Demand Solutions demand planning and inventory management products have helped distributors get smarter about managing demand and ways to increase inventory turns. Our systems have consistently empowered distributors to weed out underperformers and focus on your most profitable opportunities. Learn more...
Demand Management, Inc. Demand Management, Inc.: Demand Solutions
General Manufacturing
Most manufacturers are driven by make-to-stock decisions. In an ideal world we could all “scan one make one” but the realities of manufacturing requirements, long lead times, lot sizes, distribution channels, geographical restrictions, and limited views of retail sales can cause complex stocking situations. Demand Solutions has given visibility into these complexities for thousands of clients through robust manufacturing, demand forecasting and inventory management solutions for over 25 years. Learn more...
Infor Distribution
Infor Distribution: Infor ERP SX.enterprise, Infor ERP A+, Infor ERP FACTS
Infor Janitorial Essentials helps you compete more vigorously and address new opportunities faster by allowing you to adapt to new types of business with greater agility and flexibility, while keeping information tracking with your suppliers intact. Automated customer service-level management, inventory forecasting, and flexible units of measure for reconciling customer ordering quantities with buying and deal levels enable you to operate aggressively and profitably. Learn more...
NetSuite, Inc.
NetSuite, Inc.: NetSuite Wholesale/Distribution Edition
The #1 Cloud-Based ERP/Financial Suite for Wholesale Distribution Companies
The NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition is the only cloud-based integrated business suite for wholesale distribution.

Solution enables:
Monitor and manage your business with the ultimate customizable business dashboard, featuring built-in best practices for
wholesale distribution.
Convert leads to orders, orders to shipments and shipments to revenue with NetSuite's advanced warehouse, inventory
management and order fulfillment capabilities.
Gain a real-time, 360-degree view of your customers and provide better customer service through NetSuite's seamless integration
of CRM with financials and other back-office systems.
Grow revenues, enter new markets and improve channel partner engagement with tools for partner relationship management (PRM).
Manage webstores and online business with NetSuite's ecommerce solution, which is tightly integrated with your accounting,
fulfillment, inventory, CRM, PRM and more. Learn more...
VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc.)
VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc.): S2K Enterprise Software
If you distribute paper, plastics, or janitorial supplies, you need janitorial software solutions that can help you increase productivity while reducing inventory. VAI’s S2K for Enterprise Janitorial addresses these demands by utilizing some of the most advanced technology available. Learn more...