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Compare Features Tool
Use the Software Features Comparison Wizard to create your own side-by-side feature comparison. Select the feature matrix and complete the query questions selecting vertical market, operating system, database, method of deployment, and users. Then you will be presented with a list of application modules and software vendors that match your criteria.

Browse Vendors
Click on browse vendors to see an alphabetical listing of all of the software vendors who participate in our Guides. This is an easy way to read a brief description and learn more about the software vendor. Vendor's content includes applications, documents (such as brochures, whitepapers, case studies, or videos), demos, vertical markets, distribution experts, third party applications, and links to news feed or blogs. Read an overview of the software vendor's offering along with a fast facts section which describes the user base, sales information, top vertical markets, and delivery method. You can bookmark or add to your favorites, collect contact information, and quickly request a demo or pricing.

Browse Applications
Our website has 15 different application categories that distributors typically look for.  Learn about the application and a listing of the software vendors that have the module built into their package, along with the ability to read a description and click through to the software vendor's content.

Browse Vertical Markets
Select one of our 28 distribution vertical markets to browse. See more information about the vertical market and the unique features that packages in that market must have. There is a listing of software vendors that serve that market, along with the ability to read a description and click through to their content.

Software Selection Advice
Are you ready to start selecting software but do not know how to begin the process? Click on Processes & Systems advice to see what is needed for your project. Learn more about the "pains" or challenges in selecting the right software and how we can alleviate them by downloading the map to the side of this page.

Experts Advice
The advice from experts provides you with industry research, links to whitepapers, and other resources from software vendors that implement those experts' techniques.

Browse Resources
Our website provides printed materials and multi-media presentation cds for request and for download.

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