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Tour de Force
Tour de Force, Inc.

Product: Addon (Integrated) Software
Tour de Force Software Solutions


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Contact: Cassandra Evans
P.O. Box 1262
Findlay, OH 45839
Ph: (419) 425-4800
Email: cassandra.evans@tourdeforceinc.com


Tour de Force is a combination CRM and BI solution that was developed to meet the unique needs of the Distribution and Manufacturing industries. The solution allows organizations to efficiently and effectively manage all stages of a customer’s lifecycle, from marketing and prospecting, to quoting and opportunity management, to ultimately supporting those relationships long term through ongoing support and service.

Through integration with over 50 leading Distributor and Manufacturer ERP/business systems, Tour de Force transforms raw sales data into actionable reports, analytics, and dashboards. The level of integration Tour de Force provides with its customers’ ERP systems, which is unmatched in the industry, allows Tour de Force to import accounts, contacts, orders, quotes, invoices, inventory, and purchase orders, along with over 1000 analytical data points about customers and vendors every day. This actionable data can be used to identify trends, optimize business processes, and ultimately, increase sales and revenues.

Tour de Force centralizes customer related information into one common place, improving communication and streamlining processes. With Tour de Force’s automated email logging, emails associated with customers and vendors are logged and instantly viewable, without the need for manual user interaction. Tour de Force delivers a consolidated, 360° view of all customer information, whether that data originates in Tour de Force or is gathered from external systems.

A final benefit of Tour de Force is the flexibility and scalability of the system. Tour de Force can be installed on-premise with Microsoft SQL server or can be hosted in the cloud with Tour de Force Cloud.  Tour de Force integrates with the Microsoft Outlook toolbar, and can also be accessed via a desktop application or any device with a web browser such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets.  Beyond CRM and BI, Tour de Force also enables cross-functional business process optimization. Clients can utilize these capabilities to manage areas such as quote to order processing, job and project management, case management and support, and much more.