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SPA, Inc.

Product: Addon (Integrated) Software
Pricing & Sales Analytics, Workflow Tools, Virtual Sales Skills Training & Platforms


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Contact: Greg Smith
2701 Park Drive
Cleveland, OH 44120
Ph: (216) 455-5528
Email: greg.smithg@strategicpricing.com


SPA provides profit-maximizing analytics and training to help manufacturers and distributors increase margins and be more competitive in the modern marketplace. Companies face an ever-increasing disruption to their familiar ways of doing business. In a perpetually thin-margin industry, new forces are putting additional pressure on their profitability and viability! Companies must transform the ways profit decisions are made and the value their employees deliver.

Over 25+ years, SPA has helped hundreds of manufacturers and distributors improve their profit margins using analytics. Our solutions enable better pricing and purchasing decisions that deliver margin improvements of 2 – 4 points in as quickly as 90 days. Further, we offer work flow tools to help tackle related challenges such as contract management. All too often manufacturers and distributors make pricing decisions based on gut feel and experience which leads to sub-optimized profitability. Successful clients are making decisions based on proven analytics to eliminate the guesswork.

Through our SPASIGMA training division, SPA also provides training focused on core skills essential to profitability. This training spanning negotiation tactics, reading and reaching various personality types, financial acumen and building meaningful relationships enables employees – especially sellers – to deliver more value to clients and profit to the bottom line. Our training offerings embrace modern delivery and feature binge-worthy content designed to keep students interested and eager to learn more. Courses can be delivered in-person or virtually and feature a learning management system to increase retention.