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Strategic Pricing Associates
Strategic Pricing Associates

Product: Addon (Integrated) Software
Pricing Analytics, Strategy & Negotiation Training


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Contact: Robert Nero
2701 Park Drive
Cleveland, OH 44120
Ph: (636) 346-8543
Email: robert.nero@strategicpricing.com


SPA provides analytics, tooling, and negotiation training to manufacturers and distributors who are looking to make better pricing and purchasing decisions. Our solutions deliver margin improvements of 2-4 points in as quickly as 90 days. Our unique approach to negotiation training provides the content and support infrastructure that drives sustainable improvement in the capabilities of your resources.

Our clients are able to leverage our analytics solutions to make improved pricing decisions that drive profitable growth. Too often manufacturers and distributors are making decisions on pricing based on gut feel and experience, and the results are sub optimized profitability. Successful clients are making decisions based on proven analytics and are taking the guesswork out of pricing. Additionally, many manufacturers and distributors provide little, if any, negotiation training to their customer and vendor facing resources.

The SPA Sigma negotiation offerings combine traditional seminar learning with an on-going retention program via our Learning Management System. The results are a more informed and prepared organization to address the negotiation requirements in the buying and selling arena, and an improved capacity of driving profits for the organization.