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Product: Addon (Integrated) Software
Sales Management Plus


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Contact: Joe Raventos
620 Newport Center Drive, Suite 1100-242
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Ph: (949) 258-0410
Email: JoeRaventos@goSMP.com


Durable goods distributors deserve powerful, efficient and integrated sales management software built to save time, increase sales and optimize their sales and marketing efforts. With more than ten years of proven success in the distribution industry and integrations to all of the leading distribution software systems, SMP understands your unique needs and opportunities.

We believe distributors need a sales management system that:

Leverages proven sales and marketing techniques from the best-in-class companies in the distribution industry.
Integrates easily with distributors’ legacy and new business system platforms like Eclipse, Prophet 21, Mincron, Infor SX.enterprise, Array and others.
Provides powerful tools that helps distribution sales leaders to categorize sales.
Combines real-world distribution experience with advanced cloud-based technology.
Provides comprehensive solutions to sales, marketing and customer support.

Most importantly, we’re distributors just like you. We didn’t set out to build the typical kind of CRM system that forces you and your team to adapt to our processes—we set out to build a system that would match distribution best practices from your first day of installation. No other sales management system integrates directly to your distribution software system to gather data, provide actionable analysis and help you create specific sales and marketing plans that lead to growth. We understand how you run your business—from identifying and reaching potential customers all the way to post-sales follow-up and customer marketing.