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Savance Enterprise


Product: Enterprise Distribution Software (ERP)
Savance Enterprise

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Contact: Nick Lochner
2655 East Oakley Park Road, Suite 210
Commerce Township, MI 48390
Ph: (248) 478-2555
Fx: (248) 478-3270
Email: sales@savanceenterprise.com

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User Range

Entry Price Point: $100 per user or less
Sales Channel: Direct
Vertical Markets
Wholesale Distribution

Operating System: Windows
Database: Microsoft SQL Server
Presentation: GUI, Browser, Tablet, Mobile

On-premise or Cloud

Savance Enterprise Is Different

Most people cringe at the mention of their wholesale distribution software—especially on the topic of recurring fees and lack of support. What’s worse, people admit that they would love to do more, but they feel like they are held hostage by the limitations
of an outdated system. Many have tried to fill the gaps with third party support and customization, but it’s still not meeting all their objectives. All the while, the thought of changing systems seems daunting and expensive. So what can you do?

Change. Anything that reaps reward requires change. Seek out a company that operates just like you do—on providing customer service above everything else. Look for someone who will go that extra mile—someone who knows you by first name and cares about your success.

Savance is that someone. Customer-driven and customer-focused, Savance is different. Privately held and privately funded, we focus on our product and our customers, not on shareholders, mergers, and acquisitions. We have established ourselves over the last 20 years by catering to our customers’ requests, holding ourselves to high standards, providing great customer service, and by offering the most innovative solutions at the best overall value.

What Makes Us Different

Upfront, All-Inclusive Pricing: With Savance, there are no bad pricing surprises. Our pricing is simple, non-deceptive, and all-inclusive.
The Latest Technology: Savance Enterprise is easy-to-use and highly automated. Our Windows- and web-based system is available on-premise or in the cloud, and always with the latest technology.
Trust & Stability: Savance has been in business for 20 years, and never changed ownership. We will never stop moving forward.
Intimate Support: Savance Enterprise is a big product with intimate support. We always listen and take care of our clients, and offer customized solutions that suit your business to a T.
Customization: While large ERP companies tend to stick to a “take it or leave it” rigidity, Savance’s willingness to customize gives you more freedom to do business your way.
Automation Focus: Ever since our inception, one of Savance’s main goals has been to automate business processes. Ask how we can simplify life for you and your clients!
Quick Return on Investment: With affordable prices and almost unlimited options for increasing sales and efficiency, Savance Enterprise is able to offer a very quick ROI for our clients.

Product Modules

Savance Enterprise comes with the apps and modules that other companies charge extra for (including web store, signature capture, and mobile tools). Product modules include:

Accounting – Improve cash flow with drill-down style, on-demand AP, AR, and GL features.
Contact Management – Improve efficiency and customer service by keeping all the information about your vendors and customers in one place.
Document Management – Save time by easily locating and sending any document ever printed, faxed, e-mailed, or delivered. Access from anywhere.
E-Commerce/Web Store – Grow your business online with a customizable, online ordering solution with advanced search functionality and multiple payment options. Be available to customers 24/7.
Mobile – Manage customer interactions, sales opportunities, and service and support incidents on a mobile device.
Point of Sale – Handle more volume by automating your counter sales with barcode scanners, credit card readers, and other technology.
Pricing, Contracts & Rebates – Stay competitive with importable, column- and formula-based price sheets and contracts.
Purchasing – Increase revenue by intelligently purchasing, reducing overbuying, and collecting on rebates.
Reporting & Business Intelligence – Understand and improve your bottom line with customizable dashboards and reports.
Sales Management – Take more orders with a more efficient sales process that encourages customer contact.
Warehouse Management – Optimize operations using advanced shipping, receiving, counting, delivery, and signature capture.
Showroom & Lighting – Empower your showroom staff with features that allow for more time spent on customers and less time on data entry.

Contact us today to find out how your company would benefit from teaming up with Savance Enterprise. Make sure to ask about our free demo!