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QLM Global Sourcing & Quoting Software

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QLM Distributor Quoting


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Contact: John Dickey
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Ph: (248) 221-1262
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QLM Distributor Quoting provides the industry's only end-to-end quotation management system for Distribution companies, from your customer, to your suppliers and back to your customer, all with no tedious data entry or other non-value add effort.

The QLM solution facilitates the creation of eRFQ events for large numbers of parts to be sourced based on your customer's requests. With a simple load template from Excel the eRFQ is added to the system in seconds. Once in the system requirements can be evaluated against existing on-hand amounts or contracts from your ERP to identify items not requiring a new supplier quote.

The QLM system then performs an automated match between the line items' requirements and supplier capabilities to select suppliers to be included in the event. Based on a Buyer's acceptance the eRFQ is emailed to individual suppliers including all the information required for them to make a full submission. All communications generated by the QLM system carry the Logo and other identifiers ensuring your suppliers recognize with who they are corresponding.

Supplier responses are received automatically back into the database, generating a notification to the buyer of that event. Non-responsive suppliers can be reminded manually or automatically at appropriate times during the process to increase response rates. Suppliers need only an email address and Adobe Reader (free version) to be included in the sourcing event.

Once the responses are received in the QLM system, a selection is made on source for each line item, based on the comparison of any and all attributes of the suppliers' responses. The selected supplier pricing is then "marked up" through development of a "landed cost" with freight, duties, etc., and a profit margin before reviewing and then generating the Customer Quote response. The Customer Quote is also sent from the system to the end customer and once accepted by the customer can be passed to the ERP for entry into the Order Management area.

QLM Distributor Quoting also handles specific business processes for distribution, for example quoting for "Kits" where individual elements of a kit are sourced to one or many suppliers and the results are accumulated, marked up and then quoted to the end customer.

The QLM application also provides full analytics and reporting on Sourcing and Quoting activity, allowing your organization to begin to really manage and improve the effort involved and ultimately the win-rate of Customer Quoting. Additionally, drive increased effectiveness and communications through a configurable work-flow engine for approvals and management review.