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QAD, Inc.

Product: Additional ERP Solutions


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Contact: QAD
100 Innovation Place
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
Ph: (805) 566-6100
Email: information@qad.com


Established in 1979, QAD began from a need to address a large gap in complete, integrated business software for manufacturing companies. Today QAD supports customers across 100 countries around the world, in over 4,000 sites with more than 300,000 users. It's been over three decades focused solely on manufacturing. Our passion is your advantage. Become an Effective Enterprise with us.

QAD strives to help all of our customers to become an "Effective Enterprise" with every business process working at peak efficiency and perfectly aligned to their strategic goals. An established global provider of vertically-focused ERP software, QAD's full featured software suite is multi-currency, multi-language, multi-entity, and multi-GAAP. Modules include Financials, Customer Management, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Analytics & Performance, Service & Support and Internationalization.

Leaders in the Cloud, QAD delivers full-strength Cloud ERP available from anywhere in the world. QAD Cloud ERP uses the same software you get when you deploy QAD Enterprise Applications on-Premise - a functionally rich, fully tested, enterprise-strength application used by thousands of manufacturing companies.

QAD continues to invest in new product technology to ensure our customers maximize the return on their investment. Developments to QAD Enterprise Applications ERP Suite include new functionality and enhancements like role-based dashboards allowing the right information to be surfaced to the right people. New capabilities were added like serialization to support product quality, process documentation, and track and trace procedures compliance in life sciences and food and beverage industries. New operational metrics provide a single point of view to key effective enterprise performance measures and helps identify issues before they become problems.