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Epicor Data Analytics powered by Phocas
Phocas Software

Product: Addon (Integrated) Software
Epicor Data Analytics powered by Phocas


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Contact: Andrea Hilleary
503 E Washington Ave., Suite 2C
Newtown, PA 18940
Ph: (877) 387-4004
Fx: (877) 387-4004
Email: andrea.hilleary@phocassoftware.com


Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) powered by Phocas provides a company-wide and industry-matched SaaS data analytics solution for Epicor customers. EDA makes it easy for businesses in the manufacturing, distribution and retail industries to drill down from high-level visual summaries into the underlying data and arrive at insights to make better decisions.

EDA presents a business’ essential data in an intuitive interface that is easy to access historical and predictive and prescriptive analysis, and is preferred by non-technical people from sales to purchasing to executives. From day one with EDA, users get tracking and reporting on essential KPIs and metrics that are specific to role and industry. But users can also customize to meet the unique reporting needs of their business.

What users love about EDA is it lets them explore their data, following their train of thought to find answers to their questions, completely unrestricted by canned reports and drill paths. Learn more at www.phocassoftware.com.