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Product: Add-On Solutions
MITS Distributor and Manufacturer Analytics


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Contact: Colin Sherman
801 Second Avenue, Suite 600
Seattle, WA 98104
Ph: (888) 700-6487
Fx: (206) 782-8045
Email: colins@mits.com


Eliminate lengthy, manual reporting cycles and give your team the power to find their own answers with MITS Distributor and Manufacturer Analytics.

MITS, a powerful reporting and analytics platform that unlocks the information buried in your business systems, empowers everyone—from the CEO to purchasers to sales reps— to make better decisions with tools designed specifically for their role.

We've packed two decades of experience into the MITS Distributor and Manufacturer Analytics solutions, including the 200+ reports, dashboards, and scorecards that are ready to run (and customize) out of the box. You can also start from scratch to build custom reports and dashboards to your own specifications. We also offer a range of business integration and user adoption services to help your team connect the dots between company goals and your analytics solution.

By making it easy to identify anomolies, root causes, trends, and opportunities, MITS Distributor and Manufacturer Analytics gives you the answers needed to make informed decisions, increasing sales and operational efficiency while raising performance to a whole new level across your organization.

Contact us to learn why over 1,000 distributors and manufacturers chose MITS to meet their reporting and analytics needs.