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Product: Enterprise Distribution Software (ERP)
Dynamics AX and CRM Online

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Contact: Microsoft
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Redmond, WA 98052
Ph: U.S. | Canada Toll-Free (1) (888) 477-7989
Email: saphill@microsoft.com


Blue Horseshoe Solutions

Blue Horseshoe

Blue Horseshoe is a privately held solution services firm based in North America, providing
expert management & strategy consulting, system design, implementation, optimization and distribution design services to businesses throughout the world. With a specific focus on
Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP, Blue Horseshoe provides custom solutions tailored for food &
beverage distribution, retail supply chain, CPG distribution and logistics and transportation.
Blue Horseshoe continues innovation on the new warehousing and transportation modules
in R3, which were acquired by Microsoft from Blue Horseshoe. Learn more...



ENAVATE is a leading Microsoft Dynamics partner specializing in business consulting and
industry-focused enterprise software solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX and
CRM platforms for distribution companies worldwide. We are committed to providing an
exceptional customer experience with unparalleled expertise throughout the entire client partnership, offering a full range of professional services, maintenance and support. Learn more...


Advanced Supply Chain Software for Microsoft Dynamics

I.B.I.S., Inc. a Sonata Software Company, provides digital transformation for distributors,
manufacturers and retailers. We offer industry expertise and sophisticated software for
multi-channel businesses. Most software accounts for needed industry functionality as an
afterthought. Why not use software that includes everything you need in the planning process so you can hit your margins? Our technology, Advanced Supply Chain Software™
for Microsoft Dynamics® was built so you can properly plan, and replicates real business
process that ties into actual margins.Learn more...

Hitachi Solutions (formerly Ignify)

Hitachi Solutions

At Hitachi Solutions we work to deliver innovative distribution, manufacturing, and inventory systems to our customers. Our breadth of experience enables us to deliver powerful wholesale distribution business management solutions for Paper and Office Supplies, Food and Beverage, Toys, Electronics, and Cosmetics and Personal Care Manufacturers and Distributors. These solutions include enterprise resource planning (ERP), CRM, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)/Master Planning, Customer Service, and Customer Portal. Learn more...



Tribridge, a national IT services firm based in Tampa FL, specializes in business applications and cloud solutions. Tribridge offers Consumer and Industrial Products companies visionary leadership and technologies to help streamline operations through the optimization of supply chain and best in class manufacturing and distribution process and procedures. Learn more...