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Infor10 Distribution

Product: Enterprise Distribution Software (ERP)
Infor10 Distribution Business (SX.e)

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Contact: Infor
641 Avenue of the Americas, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10011
Ph: (800) 260-2640
Email: distribuiton@infor.com


Infor ERP - SX.enterprise SX.enterprise
Infor ERP SX.enterprise is a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution specifically designed to help distributors with complex business models run an efficient, end-to-end operation. Learn more...

Infor Distribution Essentials  

Distribution is a fast-paced and competitive industry with lots of moving parts. To prosper,companies must be able to move beyond the immediate to seek out and adopt new growth strategies while maintaining costs and adding value in everything they do. An organization’s success will depend on its ability to quickly source materials and work
better with new suppliers by seamlessly integrating them into its end-to-end supply
chain. Ready access to information about suppliers, inventory levels, outstanding orders,
and shipments translates to cost control and rapid order turnaround.

As roles within the supply chain change, new customer opportunities naturally arise.
Giving customers a great experience whether it’s handling their order inquiry or providing product support is therefore essential. Enterprising distributors require systems that help them deal with complex issues like these while managing the bottom line. Learn more...

Distribution Essentials

Infor InAction  

How enterprising distributors are succeeding with Infor
Infor™ is changing what businesses expect from an enterprise software provider by delivering, through acquisition and innovation, proven business-specific solutions with experience built in. And that means great things for our customers:

  • Industry experience built in for lower total cost of ownership.
  • ROI now, not later.
  • A wide choice of solutions to support your business challenges, from a provider with global scale.
  • A product strategy to enrich, extend and evolve our solutions to meet your needs, at your own pace.

Did we mention we have a customer retention rate that is consistently one of the highest in the industry? And more customers today than our two largest competitors combined?

Read how some of our Distribution customers are putting Infor into action on the following pages. Learn more...

How Enterprising Distributors are Succeeding with Infor

Reducing costs and consumption by integrating energy and asset management  

By Bob Benstead, Vice President of Strategic Planning from Infor Public Sector
Water and wastewater agencies are no strangers to dealing with water pressure. But today, agencies around the nation are experiencing a different type of pressure - they're under extreme pressure from the government and citizens to "go green" by reducing energy consumption, as well as internal pressure to reduce costs. Identifying ways to reduce carbon footprint and expenditures is a daunting task to many water and wastewater agencies. Running such critical and complex operations requires an infrastructure with many moving parts that consume a tremendous amount of energy. Learn more...

Reducing costs and consumption by integrating energy and asset management

White Papers
Infor SCM
Charting a new course in effective distribution supply chain management
Supply Chain Management (SCM) is back with a vengeance for distributors operating today. And, while the primary reasons for pursuing supply chain effectiveness continue to be lowered operating costs, improved customer service and increased profitability, the complexities and challenges within today’s marketplace have dramatically altered the strategies needed to achieve it. Today’s supply chains require completely different approaches to address these changing market conditions; and distributors who fail to recognize this may not survive into the next decade. Learn more...

Infor ERP

Distribution 2010: Capitalizing on Advanced Inventory Management
Distributors of all kinds are now facing challenges to their survival and success as today’s difficult economy puts increasing pressure on inventories.

As competition intensifies, costs rise, customer expectations increase, and profit margins continue to shrink, the margin for error around inventory management has continuously narrowed. Now, wholesalers/distributors are forced to confront the dilemma associated with inventory. They must determine how to keep stock levels as low as possible without sacrificing customer service.

Unfortunately, their pain points are increasingly exposed. Whether they are stocking electrical
supplies, medical devices, automotive parts, food and beverage products, building materials, or
products from other sectors, most distributors are now challenged to rethink their approaches to
inventory management. Learn more...

Aberdeen Group - Enterprise Strategies (Insight and Advice for Enterprise Executives)
Inventory Management Technology Strategies for Distribution
Many distribution industry enterprises are seeking improved ways to manage their inventory. Traditional inventory management practices have been rendered obsolete by increasing global supply chains, more dynamic product life cycles, and multi-channel distribution. This Sector Insight provides key research findings for distribution companies to consider while making inventory management technology decisions. Learn more...

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Standing Up in a Down Economy
Six Strategies for Improving Operations and Profits
These are difficult and unprecedented economic times. For the vast majority of businesses, the economic downturn will be painful, but not fatal. Success will depend on being able to respond proactively to the many regulatory and market changes that are coming. It will require the ability to take successful practices from the past and adjust them for new realities. The successful distributor of tomorrow will need to build on what has worked, be willing to shed things that no longer work, and be open to new ways of doing everything.

The good news is that there are a number of techniques that a distributor can use to increase productivity and lay the foundation for a more profitable future. These “fixes” are not untested or unproved. Some are from other industries and some have been around but unused. In high growth times, many opportunities for efficiency may have been delayed or overlooked as not necessary or of a high enough priority to allocate resources. Now
the world has changed and it is a good time to consider how some of these capabilities may be used to improve operations. Learn more...


Case Studies
Customer Profile - American Refrigeration Supplies America Refrigeration Supplies
Headquartered in Phoenix, American Refrigeration Supplies, Inc. (ARS) is a one-stop
wholesaler of refrigeration, heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning equipment, parts, and supplies. With 33 locations in six states, the 69-year-old company sells primarily to licensed contractors for the repair and replacement market. The company stocks approximately 17,000 items from roughly 300 different vendors. Learn more...

Customer Profile - IBT, Inc.  
IBT, Inc., a distributor of industrial supplies, offers high-quality products such as bearings and power transmission products, rubber and plastic hoses and belting products, electrical supplies, and material-handling equipment. The company also provides maintenance, engineering, and media production services. Headquartered in Merriam, Kansas, IBT has about 50 service centers in 10 states that are concentrated in the Midwest. Its customers extend throughout the aerospace, aggregate, and ethanol industries, representing manufacturers such as ABB, Goodyear, RBC Bearings, and Baldor. Learn more... IBT, Inc.

Customer Profile - Tampa Tile  

Tampa Tile is a family owned and operated distributor of ceramic tile and related products. Founded in 1953 by Domenic DiFabrizio as Tampa Tile & Terrazzo, the company started is a subcontractor for ceramic tile and terrazzo and remained one of the Tampa Bay area’s largest until 1983 when it changed its business model to focus primarily on wholesale distribution.

The company serves the Tampa Bay, Florida, region and beyond from two locations. Its 30 employees process more than 2,200 orders per month and sell more than 2.5 million square feet of imported and domestic porcelain and ceramic tile each year. Learn more...

Tampa Tile