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Product: Enterprise Distribution Software (ERP)
Infor10 Distribution Business (SX.e)

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Inventory Control
Can demand planning unlock new profit potential for distributors? Can demand planning unlock new profit potential for distributors?

How better forecasting and inventory planning can improve the bottom line
Distributors have always relied on their professional buying skills and inventory management expertise to service their customers. Yet today’s global supply chains, redundant inventories, demanding customers, expedited orders and tighter margins require distributors to add capabilities to survive, or even better, to thrive.

Each day, distributors are challenged to source and sell globally while maintaining a local
presence and strong customer service. Now that distributors are increasingly playing an
expanding value-added role in the total supply chain, they must become more proficient
at understanding, predicting, and helping to shape demand for products.

To remain competitive, distributors must be able to rapidly react to even the slightest change in
demand. But current forecasting techniques and thet ools used by most distributors aren’t up to
the challenge. Using replenishment policy to trigger re-order points doesn’t provide a long-term
view. Even worse, spreadsheets are error prone and labor intensive, and they don’t integrate
easily with ERP systems.

Distributors have begun asking “Can demand planning unlock new profit potential for my
business?” The answer is a resounding “Yes.” Leading distributors are turning to forecasting and
inventory planning to increase profits across all three main activities in their organization: Buying
goods, stocking goods, and selling goods. Learn more...