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Iptor Supply Chain Systems (Formally International Business Systems - IBS)

Iptor Supply Chain Systems (Formally International Business Systems - IBS)

Product: Enterprise Distribution Software (ERP)
Iptor Warehouse Management (Formally IBS Dynaman - WMS)
IBM Premier Business Partner

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Contact: Iptor Supply Chain Systems (Formally IBS)
915 Highland Pointe, Suite 250
Roseville, CA 95678
Ph: (916) 542-2820
Fx: (916) 985-4922
Email: info@ibs.net

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User Range

Entry Price Point: Contact Iptor Supply Chain Systems (Formally IBS) at info@ibs.net
Sales Channel: Direct and Partners Worldwide
Vertical Markets
Pharmaceutical; 3PL; Food and Beverage; Automotive Aftermarket; Wholesale Distribution; and Publishing.

Operating System: Windows
Database: MS SQL Server
Presentation: GUI

Client/Server, ASP, Cloud

IBS was founded in 1978 with the mission to help companies improve their profitability and competitiveness through solutions that deliver measurable business value and a fast return on their IT investment. More than 35 years later, IBS has become a leading provider of best-in-class distribution software and consulting services. Thousands of customers across 40 countries use IBS solutions to transform their distribiution business.

Advanced Warehouse & Operations Management Solution

IBS Dynaman is part of the IBS Business Suite Platform, the world’s most advanced software application suite for distribution and wholesale operations.

As a world-class, next-generation Warehouse Management System (WMS), IBS Dynaman drives the vital processes within your supply chain that control the movement and storage of materials in the warehouse, along with all the transactions associated with those operations, including shipping, receiving,
put-away and picking.

IBS Dynaman Enables Advanced Strategies for Value-Added Services

With advanced modules for inbound, storage, outbound and value-added services, IBS Dynaman is ideal for any high-volume, time-critical or complex logistics environment.

Inbound: reception, put-away, quality control
Storage: inventory management, replenishment, counting (inline, offline)
Light assembly: work order scheduling, material issue, time registration
Outbound: picking, packing, consolidation, loading
Dock and yard management
Advanced functions: cross-docking, inline VAL, kitting, JIT, sequencing, reverse logistics, assembly

Business Intelligence

IBS Analytics, powered by QlikView, is a business discovery platform designed to make data actionable for every user in the organization. Unlike tools that simply put a new face on the same old data, this solution optimizes data structures, an analytical query engine, an interactive user experience, visualizations and collaboration to support the way our human curiosity naturally searches. With IBS Analytics every user in your organization will gain the power to unearth new insights that drive supply chain revenue, improve productivity and proactively affect business growth.

YMS—IBS Dynaman’s yard management application is based on a state-of-the-art visualization tool that renders a customer’s dock and yard in an easy-to-understand, graphical representation. The yard management application also directs and records routine yard activities like trailer audits, trailer prep, refer fuel/temperature settings and more.

IBS Customer Success

IBS Dynaman has been proven over 20 years in a broad range of industries, warehouse sizes and demanding environments including DSV, Conad, Stockhabo, Osmeding, Dematra, Alidis Euro-Fitting Management, 2XL and Victory Packaging.

Why Dynaman?

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)—Dynaman drives significant value with a typical ROI of less than a year (using standardized deployment methodologies). Dynaman customers have reported a 30 percent reduction in TCO and a
15-30% increase in warehouse efficiency.
Efficiency—Dynaman helps you better manage your warehouse space, supports multi-ownership inventory and accommodates for value-added services. Also, our cloud-ready delivery models offers the flexibility needed to manage your supply chain operations.
Better inventory management—Dynaman customers have seen a 15-30 percent increase in warehouse efficiency from increased inventory turns, improved management of consigned inventory, multi-channel demand visibility, and greater capabilities to improve their inventory position and movement across the supply chain.
Improved service levels—Dynaman’s ability to support value-added services, B2B and direct to consumer business models, and increased visibility into demand origin has resulted in improved customer service levels.

IBS Dynaman Software Includes:

Complete Process Control—Ensures strict process control, accurate data capturing and complete visibility across manufacturing and distribution boundaries.

Value-Added Activities—Including inline services, such as customer labeling or perishable goods handling, or offline services, such as kitting, build-to-order and assembly.

Advanced Functionality—Addresses multi-owner, multi-site, dock and yard management, cross-docking, cartonization, labor management, multi-level container handling, returns and more.

Operational Transparency—Provides real-time, dashboard visibility across the organization, from vendor managed inventory and built-to-order, to supply-in-line sequence, reverse logistics and more.

Flexible Rules Engine—Ensures your processes fit your business, from how materials flow to how workflows are applied in specific instances.