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General Data Systems

General Data Systems

Product: Enterprise Distribution Software (ERP)
iDempiere—Open Source ERP System

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Contact: Allen Whiting
10801 Indian Head Industrial Drive
St. Louis, MO 63132-1103
Ph: (800) 736-5551 ext. 119
Fx: (314) 427-6088
Email: awhiting@gen-data.com

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Annual Revenue Size

Entry Price Point: Open Source, no license fee
Sales Channel: Direct
Vertical Markets
HVAC/R; Industrial Equipment & Supplies; Electrical; Plumbing; Construction Material; and Paper Products.

Operating System: Linux, Windows, Mac
Database: PostgreSQL, Oracle
Presentation: Web UI, Browser

On-Premises or any Public/Private Cloud

InfoWorld awarded iDempiere the Bossie Award for one of "the best open source applications" two years running, both 2015 and 2016, and the only ERP software for the mid to large size distributor. Competing with other Tier II ERP software suites, iDempiere provides robust office applications to manage your distribution company.

What is open source?

By definition, open source software can be modified and shared, and can be accessed publicly by users free of charge. Recognized open source projects include Linux and Android.

iDempiere’s open source roots go back to 1999.  With thousands of installations world-wide, companies benefit daily from the core functions of sales, purchasing, inventory, and financial management to the supporting components of customer relation management and supply chain management.

What does Open Source ERP mean for wholesale distributors?

No licensing fees for the software, database, or server OS
No monthly or annual fees for upgrades
No maintenance costs

iDempiere Architecture and Environment

Runs in any common web browser
Written in Java
Integrations via web services

GDS offers iDempiere to service the growth-focused wholesale distributor. iDempiere allows us to leverage our knowledge of the wholesale distribution market and our experience in providing technology to that industry without the costly overhead of commercially licensed software.

Unlike other software manufacturers, we are not motivated by the number of licenses installed or the numbers of users. GDS is a developer and integrator, not a mass producer of technology.

General Data Systems’ Framework for Engagement outlines a multi-phase approach to implementing iDempiere to meet your needs. In contrast to traditional commercially licensed software with huge upfront investments, our clients understand that implementation budgets and funding are tied to each phase.

Projects begin with a speculation and evaluation phase to identify
business processes building the foundation for a successful
implementation. Each phase contains clear objectives for completion and culminates in a series of go live scenarios.

Advantages for your company:

Every dollar invested is a direct investment in your company

No per user or application license fees
No per user license for the backend data base
No ongoing manufacturer maintenance fee
The software and its integrations become an asset of the

Modern and mainstream technology developed to operate in a web browser

Operates on any device that supports a web browser
Requires only an internet connection
Deploys on the cloud or an internal server
Platform independent (runs on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android)
Unaffected by operating systems upgrades and updates

Corporate backing by GDS provides a single source of responsibility

Providing an interface to the iDempiere user community
Updates for feature functionality, security and technology
Ongoing support, training, and integration services
Interactive and ongoing consulting as business needs change

GDS works exclusively with privately held wholesale distributors whose primary focus is to implement a modern ERP solution to foster growth and productivity.  Contact GDS to learn about the difference between our approach with open source software and the other traditional choices in the market.