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Foxfire Software
Foxfire Software

Product: Addon (Integrated) Software
Foxfire WMS


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Email: John Sterling at js@foxfiresoftware.com or info@foxfiresoftware.com


Since 1985, Foxfire has been helping clients solve business problems by providing inventory and warehouse management software (WMS) solutions. Foxfire's worldwide headquarters is located in Greenville, SC, with resources and partners located throughout North America. The Foxfire team consists of professionals with extensive experience in solving warehouse and inventory management problems using technology.

Foxfire works with many types of clients from small operations to billion dollar global 2000 companies. Our solutions are most widely deployed in small and medium sized businesses. Foxfire offers different levels of inventory and warehouse management software (WMS) solutions from a very basic SaaS based inventory solution to a sophisticated enterprise level warehouse management solution that can manage a complex distribution center.

Most of Foxfire's clients deploy our software using barcoding, mobile computing and wireless networking to provide real time visibility into their inventory. Our clients tell us that we help them significantly improve inventory accuracy, labor efficiency, and shipping costs. They also tell us that we help them reduce errors and provide a complete audit trail for inventory accountability and regulatory compliance.

Foxfire's inventory and warehouse management software (WMS) is widely deployed in many industries including, but not limited to, manufacturing, distribution, apparel, 3PLs, electronics, food, public sector, books, ecommerce fulfillment, and field service. Our clients include high volume piece picking and parcel shipping operations, as well has high volume pallet movement and case picking environments that primary ship by LTL or full truck load. Please visit us today at www.foxfiresoftware.com for more info.