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Product: Enterprise Distribution Software (ERP)
Epicor Distribution

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Contact: Epicor Software
4120 Dublin Boulevard
Dublin, CA 94568
Ph: (800) 776-7438
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Email: distribution@epicor.com

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Customer Base

Entry Price Point: $30,000 OnPremise (one-time fee)
Sales Channel: Direct and Resellers Worldwide
Vertical Markets
Industrial; Fluid Power; HVAC; Fasteners; Plumbing; Electrical; Tile; Electronics and Computers; Medical Supplies; Paper and Packaging; Janitorial and Sanitary Supplies.

Operating System: Windows, Unix, Linux
Database: MS SQL Server, Progress
Presentation: Microsoft SmartClient and Web Client

OnPremise, Web-based and Hosted
Epicor Software Corporation
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As a distributor, you know that employing a powerful technology strategy is a vital means to staying ahead of the competition, which grows more sophisticated every day. In an ever-changing economy, wholesale distributors are continuously facing new challenges. Adopting processes and technologies that are intelligent, adaptive, and powerful is essential for success. Epicor Software Corporation is well-positioned to face these challenges with you by delivering an intuitive and comprehensive application designed for companies like yours.

Effectively Market and Sell Your Goods
Epicor’s ecommerce solutions allow you to expand product offerings, reach new customers more efficiently, and provide around-the-clock service to all of your trading partners. Likewise, Epicor Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides marketing functionality to enable you to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

CRM and ecommerce are integral parts of Epicor Distribution; therefore, this information is always easily within reach based on the user’s role and authentication. What’s more, orders are always visible and are seamlessly passed to the Sales Order Management module for fulfillment.

Effectively Manage Sales Orders
Regardless of whether your customers enter orders over the phone, online, or in person at your front counter, they want fast, helpful service. Directly tied to your warehouse, order automation allows you to tell customers what is in stock, when new stock is coming in, and even what they ordered in the past. The system will also suggest go-together items to ensure that your customers get everything they need and that you maximize your selling potential.

Order automation also enables you to link product information, such as material safety data sheets (MSDS) or product specifications, to item codes and then make those documents immediately available to customers.

Accurately Track Inventory
With Epicor’s Inventory module, you can manage your inventory with the level of flexibility and control most appropriate for your business. This solution provides instant access to critical information such as inventory availability, quantity on hand, reorder quantities, and costs. Powerful multi-site functionality lets you manage multiple warehouse locations and track inventory to the lot, serial, or bin level. The solution enables you to purchase or sell in multiple units of measure such as an individual item, a case or a carton. Conversions between multiple units of measure are done automatically.

Optimize Order Fulfillment
Epicor’s versatile solution enables you to configure the system to how you wish to do order fulfillment. You can pick, pack, and ship on a per order basis or group orders for processing based on attributes you define.

Using handheld, RF, and barcode technology throughout the warehouse enables you to more effectively manage orders and inventory. The increased automation enables you to process orders more rapidly and more accurately, and since information is updated in real time, a customer service representative can let your customer know where their order is in the fulfillment process at any point.

Freight Management
A global marketplace requires embedded shipping solutions to drive financial performance, maintain compliance within a complex web of regulation, and provide the entire system with real-time visibility to all transactions. The overseas tracking and landed cost functionality provided by Epicor tracks and calculates each variable throughout the supply chain—from the manufacturer to your receiving department to your customer’s door—to ensure that you provide consistently high service while remaining profitable.

Optimize Your Purchasing Process
Fully integrated with the distribution solution, Epicor’s Demand Replenishment Planning (DRP) enables your organization to maximize internal efficiency while increasing service levels and decreasing inventory holding costs. Advanced forecasting and requirements planning help analyze, identify, and plan the optimal product mix and economic order quantities for your most profitable items.

Streamline Your Financial Operations
Epicor General Ledger allows you to build a chart of accounts to match your organizational structure—simplifying multicurrency and inter-company transactions, and making month- and year-end closings straightforward and trouble-free. Epicor Accounts Payable offers sophisticated payments processing including electronic funds transfer and settlement. Epicor Cash Management provides instant access to all cash transactions and can be integrated with your bank’s electronic statements, and also features automatic bank account reconciliation.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics
The Epicor Business Intelligence tools makes it easy to perform sales forecasting, create and manage budgets, measure supplier and customer performance, and monitor warehouse efficiencies. The embedded analytics are driven by thorough knowledge of best practices and designed for ease of use by a broad range of stakeholders.