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Epicor Software Corporation®

Product: Enterprise Distribution Software (ERP)
Epicor Distribution

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Contact: Epicor Software
4120 Dublin Boulevard
Dublin, CA 94568
Ph: (800) 776-7438
Fx: (949) 585-4091
Email: distribution@epicor.com

Vertical Markets

Wholesale Distribution

Epicor is built using modern, business enabling platform and delivers real-time, in-context information using Enterprise 2.0 technologies.  Its agile architecture provides extreme flexibility and allows the Epicor Distribution solution to be easily tailored to meet the varying needs of today’s complex marketplace and support a wide range of distribution best practices.  Most importantly, business processes and work flows can be configured without touching source code, can be changed on demand, and maintain their integrity with subsequent software upgrades, which substantially reduces total cost of ownership.

Epicor serves distribution customers across a broad range of industries and provides solutions and applications that not only help manage the bottom line but also provides a seamless ERP environment that inspires collaboration and innovation – the most difficult of all competitive advantages to duplicate.

  • Durable goods:  Financial management is the backbone of Epicor ERP, combined with fully embedded warehouse management, you have complete visibility to the value, location, and movement of all inventory.  Epicor features strong kitting and production capabilities that make it easy to perform and track value added activities, which are a vital component of remaining differentiated.   Quality assurance means that you not only provide your customers with the best products, but also understand the costs and know who your best suppliers are.  Epicor Service Management and Mobile solutions facilitate post-sale support, and provide additional value to customers and suppliers while adding revenue streams.
  • Non-durable goods:  Since throughput requirements vary tremendously, Epicor provides the capability to define your warehouse, resources, and distribution network.  Likewise, Epicor provides the means to forecast and manage demand so that inventory ends up where you want it when you want it.  This also includes tools to help you track and manage product life cycles.  Mobile and handheld solutions increase visibility and velocity, while labor management applications ensure that an appropriately skilled workforce can be deployed to efficiently meet demand.  A robust compliment of trackers and dashboards provides both operational and executive teams with a real-time snapshot of performance. Learn more...