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Product: Enterprise Distribution Software (ERP)
Epicor Distribution Suite™

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Customer Relationship Management
CRM Epicor CRM provides a 360 degree view of the entire customer, supplier, or partner relationship.  Epicor CRM broadens the scope of customer information to everyone within and across the organization and to stakeholders beyond, through contextual delivery of essential customer data to information workers, wherever it’s needed. Learn more...

Human Capital Management (HCM) Epicor HCM encompasses a range of solutions that help manage an organization’s most valued assets—its employees—in a strategic and coherent manner.  Epicor HCM delivers the necessary software support for all employee-related functions whether distributed or centralized.  This enables organizations to manage a geographically dispersed workforce in a global manner, ensuring support for various local payroll and legal reporting requirements. Learn more...
Sales & Order Processing
Sales Management Epicor Sales Management delivers a comprehensive suite that enables you to produce accurate estimates, streamline your order-to-cash cycle, and fulfill perfect orders that ensure world-class customer satisfaction.  By streamlining the sales process with centralized access to product, pricing, and customer information, orders can be generated with a minimal number of steps. Epicor Sales Management automates and improves labor-intensive processes for quoting, proposal generation, configuration, and order entry, enabling you to improve sales productivity by increasing accuracy during the quote and order processes, and identifying the right products to meet customers’ needs. Learn more...
Service Management
Service Management Epicor Service Management optimizes customer service with timely response to customer requests and puts knowledge in the hands of customer service personnel.  Epicor understands that customers want rapid response service.  From initial contact with the customer regarding an incident, to in the field operations, to processing returns quickly and efficiently, Epicor Service Management provides the visibility and accountability that your business needs. Learn more...
Other Capabilities
Supply Chain Management Epicor offers a full range of Supply Chain Management (SCM) capabilities, built within a single business platform, based on industry leading service-oriented architecture (SOA). Epicor SCM is a full suite of enterprise application capabilities including purchase management, sourcing and procurement, inventory management, advanced material management, warehouse management, and is complemented by order and demand management capabilities of Epicor Sales Management. Combined, you have the solution needed to satisfy customers and customer demand in today’s increasingly global market place. Learn more...

Product Data Management Epicor offers a solution that manages the powerful information traditionally contained in engineering documents, location floor routings, change orders, sales orders, and quality documentation within a single solution that is easily shared across the enterprise.  Promoting collaboration throughout the value chain, Epicor PDM provides a complete end-to-end solution to manage all aspects of a product’s lifecycle, enabling enterprises to control the enormous amount of electronic documents produced. Learn more...
Planning & Scheduling
Planning and Scheduling Epicor offers comprehensive solutions for forecasting, distribution requirements planning (DRP), material requirements planning (MRP), scheduling, and advanced planning and scheduling to meet the needs of today’s agile businesses. For companies with complex processes that require project management and resource management capabilities, Epicor Planning and Scheduling offers a comprehensive solution that provides unparalleled operational visibility. Learn more...
Assembly & Manufacturing Management
Kitting and Production Management Epicor provides an extensive set of capabilities that range from the creation of simple product bundles and sales kits to the engineering and manufacture of products with complex subassemblies.  You decide the level of complexity that is appropriate for your products. Epicor provides Work Order and Quality Management solutions that help you determine when and how to expand your level of operation and maintain ongoing control over efficiency using lean process methodologies. Learn more...
Project Management
Project Management Embedded within the robust capabilities of Epicor, Project Management utilizes the detailed estimation, planning, scheduling, costing, and supply chain logistics of Epicor for complete control and analysis of any project.  Resource Management provides a detailed representation of resource capabilities and availability. Time and Expense Management and Approval ensure projects accurately reflect true costs and the comprehensive Billing and Revenue Recognition functionality guarantee compliance with contract requirements and accounting standards.  At all times, throughout the whole process, embedded Project Analysis and reporting combined with Business Process Management provides accurate and up-to-date status information and meaningful alerts. Learn more...
Financial Management
Financial Management Epicor Financial Management offers a refreshing new approach to business, a suite of accounting applications built for the highly regulated post-Sarbanes-Oxley Act world, built around a series of “global engines“ that support effective financial management and control anywhere.
Our goal is to help every business achieve sound financial management and control, from a single general ledger to the extended global enterprise, efficiently.  Epicor Financial Management gives you access to real–time fiscal information and provides the modern platform you need to support business around the world. Learn more...
Business Reporting & Analytics
Enterprise Performance Management Epicor Enterprise Performance Management is an end-to-end solution that removes the barriers to better business insight through a combination of intuitive user experiences, user driven key performance indicators (KPI), and prepackaged analytics that have real meaning to the business. Epicor EPM leverages the advanced analytic capabilities of the Microsoft platform, incorporates modern Web 2.0 concepts for unprecedented ease of use, and ultimately drives better business results. Learn more...