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Distribution One

Distribution One

Product: Enterprise Distribution Software (ERP)
ERPONE+ Software

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Contact: Sales
4004 Church Road
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
Ph: (856) 380-0626
Fx: (856) 222-0061
Email: info@distone.com

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Customer Base

Entry Price Point: Call for Pricing
Sales Channel: Direct Worldwide
Vertical Markets
Wholesale Distribution for Fasteners, Adhesives, Industrial, Medical, Construction, Food Service, Electrical, Hardware, JanSan, HVAC, and Retail Fulfillment to name a few.

Operating System: Windows
Database: Progress/SQL Server
Presentation: GUI, CHUI

On-Premise, Hosted, SaaS, Cloud

The Company

Distribution One is an industry-leading developer of innovative customer-focused Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software designed specifically for the needs of wholesalers and distributors. Formed in 1996 and headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Distribution One operates a branch office in Irving, Texas, as well as a network of ERP specialists in eight states across the country. This team of 40+ skilled professionals thrives on providing solutions and support to customers across the United States, Canada, and into Europe.

Distribution One’s 8000+ users operate in a variety of industries worldwide from fasteners, adhesives, industrial, and food service to electrical, retail, hardware, and janitorial supply to name a few. Wholesalers and distributors of every size trust Distribution One’s turnkey software to streamline productivity, automate operations, and access critical real-time data to strengthen competitive advantage and expand profitability.

The Software

ERP-ONE+, Distribution One’s flagship wholesale and distribution software suite, delivers comprehensive, intuitive functionality that improves the entire business process from Order Entry, CRM, and Financial Management to Inventory & Warehouse Management and Purchasing activities. ERP-ONE+ also provides frequently requested tools like Quality Control Tracking, RF Scanning, VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory), and Lot Control. Further expanding software capabilities, we also offer supplemental features like ecommONE E-Commerce, Amazon integration, Dashboard analytics, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), and API (Application Program Interface).

Utilizing advanced Windows technology and 64-bit architecture, ERP-ONE+ is a fast, user-friendly software suite that can be fully integrated with other business applications such as Microsoft® Office. Reaping the benefits of over 2000 component programs, ERP-ONE+ customers experience streamlined functionality and fast, secure access to customer, product, vendor, and sales data. Moreover, the availability of Mobile Apps like Mobile Order Entry and Mobile CRM provides customers with quick access to critical business functions from the convenience of a laptop or handheld devices anywhere business is being conducted.


Competitive Advantage—Ability to stay ahead of the competition by quickly adjusting to market trends.
Inventory ControlIntegrated wireless Warehouse+ management software with RF barcode scanning systems and Planning and Forecasting capabilities to assist warehouse inventory management.
Cost Reduction—Higher profitability and lowered costs can help increase sales and improve customer service.
Communication Improvements—Information is available company-wide rather than “multiple versions of the truth.”
In-depth Reporting and Dashboard+ Analytics—Give your team real-time insight into business health to make them more productive and come to the right decisions built upon accurate company data..
Rapid Implementation—Our proven, seamless implementation process gets you up and running faster than with other systems.
Enhanced Security—ERP-ONE+ has improved data integrity and security allowing you to keep data safe.
Better Business Processes—Less duplication and time wasting across the board!
  Run your business in accordance with strategy, planning and the right information.
One Database—Eliminate batch processing and data-lag.
User Friendly—Modern, intuitive interface is very easy to navigate with quick drill-down to related data.

Distribution One’s Services

Distribution One’s Implementation Professionals have completed hundreds of successful installations for Wholesalers and Distributors. We have developed a proven method that minimizes downtime and allows you to remain focused on running your business.


Distribution One's Technical Support Specialists have expertise with various computing platforms, network configurations, and software applications. In coordination with our Installation Technicians, Distribution One will professionally and seamlessly load the application software, configure workstations, define printer setups, etc. with the goal of maximizing the stability and reliability of your ERP-ONE+ Software system.


User training is key to achieving excellence with your new software implementation. Distribution One offers personalized, hands-on training that can be delivered at your location or ours and tailored to fit your specific needs. After the training, our world-class live customer support staff is always available to provide assistance. In addition, we have developed a full curriculum of D1 University training workshops and webinar opportunities.

Data Transfer

This is an area in which Distribution One differentiates ourselves. Since our inception, we have been able to successfully transfer data for 100% of our customers. Providing this service makes the transition from your current software system to ERP-ONE+ painless. Do not allow other software companies to tell you that data transfer isn't necessary. Having access to all your important current and historical data is key to making the best decisions possible for you and your customers.

Go-Live and Onsite Support

We build lasting relationships. From your initial Go-Live, our team helps with the processing of your day-to-day operations during the transition. Customers consider this crucial for successful implementation. Distribution One provides assistance with tasks ranging from software and forms setup to the first check run and the first month-end closing. These important services are adapted to suit your business environment and your specific needs.


We provide friendly, live US-based customer support. You can make unlimited support calls and will receive product updates included with your maintenance service. Because ERP-ONE+ is Distribution One’s flagship application, it’s easy for us to provide our customers with the level of support and knowledge that they require. During our extended business hours, we always have a person answering the phone, not a machine.

See for Yourself

For a personal demonstration of the ERP-ONE+ Software Suite, please call us at 856-380-0626 or visit us at www.distone.com.