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Demand Solutions
Demand Management, Inc.

Product: Addon (Integrated) Software
Demand Solutions; Supply & Demand Planning Software
Certified for Microsoft Dynamics

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Contact: Bill Harrison, President
1 Cityplace Drive, Suite 540
St. Louis, MO 63141
Ph: (800) 886-3737
Fx: (314) 991-7111
Email: info@demandsolutions.com

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Release Information
Current version number: DS1 Version 12.1 and DSX Version 3.4
Release date of current version: June 2015
Expected release date of next upgrade: 1st Quarter 2016
Vertical Markets
Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG); General Manufacturing; Wholesale Distribution; Apparel; Energy; Food and Beverage; Retail; and Service Parts.

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Database: MS SQL Server
Presentation: Browser Option 4.0


For companies that deal in the production or distribution of real goods, the single biggest factor they can control is the supply chain.  With the right tools, optimization processes can be put into place to offset the challenges facing companies today, such as variable demand, long lead times, global supply networks, and real-world production or supply chain constraints.  Additionally, in the current challenging economic times, an efficient and effective supply chain may very well be a corporate imperative.

For over 25 years, Demand Solutions has focused on one thing—Supply Chain Planning solutions.  By selling market-leading solutions and backing them up with unmatched service and support, Demand Solutions has built a customer base that is the envy of the industry in more than 75 countries.  No other firm can boast the almost universal success enjoyed by Demand Solutions’ customers. 

Demand Solutions offers feature-rich Supply Chain Planning solutions that are easy to use, quick to deploy, and deliver a dramatic return on investment (ROI).


Easy to install
Manages new product introductions
Supports global implementations       
Enables collaboration
No more silos of data on departmental spreadsheets

About Demand Solutions

$66.1 million revenue
Global product, global support

Create the forecasting and planning experience you want with DSX

DSX is Demand Solutions latest product offering and the next evolution in supply chain planning. Built from the ground up on the latest Microsoft technology stack, DSX provides a combination of ease of use and analytic sophistication.  DSX allows you to forecast for any time unit— weeks, months, or quarters—for any item in one database.

Demand Solutions provides the process disciplines and tools for managers to garner support from senior executives, participation from the field, and feedback from customers and suppliers. Because it has been designed for ease of use, decision makers can conduct “what if” analysis directly with the data in real-time; the software doesn’t require an IT team to produce results.

Our customers experience measurable results such as:                                                                               

Reduced inventory
Increased inventory turns
Increased customer satisfaction
ROI in weeks or months, not years

Product Overview:

Forecast Management
Requirements Planning
Retail Planning
Sales and OperationsPlanning
Advanced Planning and Scheduling

The Demand Solutions product suite transforms complexity into clarity. The proven, sophisticated supply chain software is a fraction of the cost of most comparable solutions providing a smooth transition from spreadsheet management to robust reporting and tracking.  And, while incredibly feature-rich, our software is quick to install and easy to use.

The Demand Solutions product suite makes it easier to predict future demand and make informed decisions to optimize inventory turns, customer service levels and profitability. Demand Solutions is a complete time-phased, multi-tiered planning, and replenishment system for monthly, weekly or daily planning cycles, and a proven platform for S&OP as well as POS programs. Demand Solutions helps manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors exchange information for inventory, and proactively manage demand rather than operate in reactive mode.

With DSX, users can create global, public, and private workspaces with limitless options and navigate those workspaces with Microsoft’s familiar ribbon technology.  The DSX suite lets you conduct "what if" scenarios with sandbox technology with the ability to seamlessly move simulations to a production environment.