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DDI System
DDI System

Product: Enterprise Distribution Software (ERP)
Inform ERP Distribution Software

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Contact: Barbara Jagoe
75 Glen Road
Sandy Hook, CT 06482
Ph: (877) 599-4334
Fx: (203) 364-1400
Email: sales@ddisys.com

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User Range

Entry Price Point: Contact Vendor
Sales Channel: Direct in the U.S. and Canada
Vertical Markets
Distribution of Wholesale Hard Goods; Industrial; Fasteners; Safety; PHCP, HVAC/R, PVF, Irrigation/Waterworks; Electrical and Lighting; Paper and Packaging; Janitorial and Sanitation Supplies; Rubber and Hose; Foodservice Equipment.

Operating System: Windows
Database: UniVerse/MS SQL Server
Presentation: GUI/CHUI

OnPremise, Hosted, and Subscription-Based

Experience a Different Kind of ERP Software with Inform

As markets change, you need to shift focus. To achieve success, your business strategy needs to include CRM, eCommerce and powerful, advanced analytics. DDI’s Inform ERP optimizes wholesale operations and includes these next generation business tools in one
real-time, unified platform. Inform helps distributors deliver an exceptional customer experience to grow businesses and win against the competition.

Inform ERP strengthens the most successful, progressive wholesale distributors in North America with a focus on industry specific challenges facing clients today. Inform
harmonizes distribution operations with powerful tools designed to align daily tasks with new, opportunistic revenue sources. From user-defined dashboards, informative customer snapshots and error-free warehouse management to real-time eCommerce
solutions, accounting, and advanced demand forecasting, Inform provides an industry specific solution to grow in today’s competitive landscape.

Our Commitment to Distribution

Create Lean Inventories
Optimize your inventory and handle unusual demand correction, sporadic item forecasting, and seasonal item management through streamlined workflows. Inform’s demand management toolkit guides distributors through stronger inventory performance resulting in more turns, minimal overstock and control over multi-location inventories and forecasts.
Nurture Customer Relationships
The best businesses don’t leave critical customer moments to chance. Inform puts detailed contact information at the forefront, enabling teams to easily act on sales opportunities and incite customer loyalty. Inform’s powerful CRM tools drive connection opportunities and meaningful conversations through a rich customer contact screen complete with conversation notes, contact activity history, open tasks, purchase history, order status and selling opportunities. This proven type of personal engagement strengthens customer relationships and incites loyalty in a competitive marketplace.
Improve Profitability with Actionable Reporting & Analysis
Make smarter, faster decisions with Inform’s intuitive, drill-down reporting capabilities and role specific dashboards. Stay aware of trends and dive deeper into every aspect of your business for complete operational and financial awareness. Leverage user-defined dashboards for daily operational oversight to monitor and support long-term strategies for improved inventory investments, turns, GMROI and cash flow.
Streamline Operations
Succeed with a holistic, end-to-end distribution software that delivers tightly integrated workflows and shares information across your entire team. Empower teams with unparalleled insight.
Experience Seamlessly Connected eCommerce
Exceed customer expectations with a mobile-readily available, easy-to-use storefront. DDI’s real-time web solution leverages the power of Inform ERP to keep distributors digitally connected. The Inform eCommerce customer portal connects directly to Inform, providing real-time price and stock and eliminating double entry or overnight synchronizing of products, orders, pricing or inventory.


Key Benefits:

360° view of business operations with user defined dashboards and sophisticated reporting capabilities.
Embedded CRM for detailed customer insight, individual history and shared calendaring.
Accounting and bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, and financial reporting.
Product demand management, forecasting tools, and advanced demand planning.
Quote to order conversion, order efficiency, and warranty claims management..
Warehouse management, inventory control, and container management.
Mobile-optimized, real-time connected eCommerce storefronts.
End-to-end solution with ongoing, innovative upgrades at no cost.
Predictive analytics to strengthen business operations.
Consultative and comprehensive approach to setup, training and support.

THE DDI ADVANTAGE: Innovation, Support and Trust that Sets Us Apart

DDI instills confidence with a team of dedicated, transition experts experienced in converting 100+ legacy systems. Project managers are experts in data collection and conversion and provide onsite and online training to ensure a timely transition. No other company will have you up and running as smoothly, and thoroughly as DDI System. Step-by-step consultative reviews ensure that your company will experience minimum downtime. DDI’s Customer Care team is on the road at customer sites daily, delivering a hands-on approach and proven rapid results. Our dedicated implementation teams successfully transition distributors within weeks, delivering immediate operational benefits, lower costs, and the fastest return on investment (ROI) of any ERP system.

Client feedback that sets us apart.

We understand your specific industry, your business and your unique needs as a supplier. DDI focuses on our customers from the very beginning and stands-by our clients every step of the way with impeccable attention to your data transition, to ongoing support and training, to consultative and evolving technology roadmaps that position distributors for future growth. And our customers agree. DDI is proud to have earned a 95% Customer Satisfaction rating among clients. Additionally, 92% of customers realized a significant ROI within the first 3 years of investment.

An evolving and innovative technology road map focused on the customer first.

Inform helps you see the future of your business operations, and the clients you serve every day. At DDI, we work as a team to make sure that everyone’s business keeps moving ahead. With so much going on in the digital economy, it is our mission as a company to provide technology that helps distributors compete with the digital giants. Our ongoing dedication to improving Inform ERP provides our users with a unique competitive edge with an ever-evolving, customer connected, mobile based, and cloud connected platform for success.

Stay ahead of your customer’s expectations.

DDI System is committed to helping you gain a competitive edge with the expertise, innovative technology and dynamic solutions that position distributors for strategic growth opportunities.
Inform ERP software combines the most insightful analytics and progressive technology to ensure your operations continually exceed excellence. With the quickest ROI in the industry, constant innovations, free upgrades, and outstanding customer service—DDI System delivers a different kind of ERP software. To inquire about a personalized consultation or experience a demonstration, call (877) 599-4334, email sales@ddisys.com, or visit www.ddisystem.com.