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Computer Insights, Inc.
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Product: Enterprise Distribution Software (ERP)
The Business Edge

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Contact: Dennis R. Cowhey
108 South Third Street
Bloomingdale, IL 60108-2912
Ph: (800) 539-1233
Fx: (630) 893-4030
Email: sales@ci-inc.com

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Computer Insights

Entry Price Point: $10,000 for 2 users
Sales Channel: Direct in North America
Vertical Markets
Fastener Companies; Bearing Distributors; and Industrial.

Operating System: Linux, Windows
Database: No SQL
Presentation: GUI

OnPremise with Perpetual Licenses or on the Cloud

The Business Edge

This software package is exclusively designed for fastener and industrial suppliers. It is the only software solution that is designed exclusively for all types of fastener companies.

Fasteners Are Unique

Fasteners are a unique product category. As Class C Components they often account for only 2% to 3% of the end users purchases. As such, they are often an afterthought for the customer. In order to succeed, fastener companies must anticipate their customers’ needs. They must be able to respond to customer created “emergencies” with world class service. They can’t afford not to. The fact is that they are selling a commodity product. They are at risk of losing their customer if they don’t solve the problem. Every order counts.

System Matches Requirements

Fasteners are often not a “big deal” to the end user until they are needed. However, they quickly become impatient if they can’t get their answers in a single telephone call. This powerful system puts the answer to every question instantly at our clients’ fingertips. Our clients know everything when their customers call. There are no call backs, no wasted motion. With The Business Edge™ one call truly does it all.

Pricing is a Big Key to Success

Pricing is another huge issue for fastener companies. It could be anything from list price with discounts and volume discounts, to cost plus pricing “what the market will bear” pricing or commission driven pricing, to name a few. The need for immediate access to this critical information is compelling.

Traceability and Secondary Processes

Lot control, traceability and handling secondary processes are often big issues for Computer Insights clients. Many software programs attempt to handle these, but it is rare to find a system that has an efficient method of handling these issues.


Automated Replenishment Saves Time

Most distribution systems have replenishment systems. The Business Edge™ has an automated replenishment system that exactly matches the needs of a fastener company. The system knows that some products can be placed directly on purchase orders, while others need to go out on processing purchase orders or be sent out on requests for quote. Purchase
can be based on usage, current demand, min/max or any combination of those criteria.

Fastener Supply Chain Network – Real Time Supply Chain Integration

Experience complete and seamless Supply Chain Integration with The Business Edge.  Through exclusive partnerships with Brighton-Best International, Kanebridge Corporation and FCH Sourcing Network, Computer Insights is able to give The Business Edge users unparalleled access to these companies’ inventory systems.  With this system, you too could have all the information you need right at your fingertips.  Order, receive, ship and update your inventory without leaving The Business Edge.

TBE Mobileā„¢ 

This new system from Computer Insights enables remote users complete access to important information in real time. The seamless integration of remote and internal information streamlines Customer Relationship Management with the latest technology and unprecedented ease of use. Orders can be entered and a complete VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) program can be run from your mobile device.

No “Loose Ends” With The DocumentConnection

Scanned documents, including drawings, certifications, delivery receipts, shipping confirmations, along with inbound faxes, etc. are all fully integrated into The Business Edge™ database.

End-To-End Integration

The Business Edge™ is designed with these needs in mind. It offers Computer Insights clients complete end-to-end integration of all the important functions of their business.

The system includes a personalized, easy, step-by-step installation process that will help you uncover the potential in your business. Call (800) 539-1233 today for more information.