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Blue Ridge
Blue Ridge

Product: AddOn (Integrated) Software
CLARITY Replenish

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Contact: Ralph Widmaier
3696 Largent Way, Suite 200
Marietta, GA 30064
Ph: (404) 214-0856
Fx: (404) 214-0861
Email: ralph.widmaier@blueridgeinventory.com

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User Range

Vertical Markets
Wholesale Distribution; Automotive; Food and Beverage; Medical; Consumer Packaged Goods; and Industrial Supply.

Operating System: Windows
Hardware Platform: Intel-based
Presentation: Browser GUI
Delivery: Software-as-a-Service

Release Information
Current version number: Saas Replenish
Release date of current version: December, 2011
Expected release date of next upgrade: March, 2012


Demand Forecasting & Replenishment for Distributors and Vendor Managed Inventory

Blue Ridge customers reduce inventory by 10-30%, some even more. They slash stockouts while increasing sales, margins and profit. Our combination of demand forecasting, best-practice inventory replenishment tools, proven science, and our unmatched experience…along with our low-risk, rapid implementation…means results are just weeks away.

Seven Principles for Success…

Our customers are so successful because of the proven, best-practice principals we follow to assure a complete and accurate technology solution:

1. Demand Forecast Excellence
2. Lead Time Performance Forecasting
3. Order Cycle Optimization
4. Service Level & Safety Stock Management
5. Replenishment Planning
6. Special Order Considerations
7. Order Validity Assurance

Following these principles assures that we offer a complete inventory replenishment solution. We have followed this process for decades and have so ingrained it in our technology that long ago we began to focus our solution on managing inventory replenishment based on your corporate goals and guiding your company to profit. Due to our years of offering solutions, you will find that we offer out-of-the-box what it takes other providers several modules and many months of implementation to even approach.

Our Uniquely Complete Solution is Based on Decades of Successful Implementations…

Technology: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Replenishment teams in retailers and wholesale distributors hold the keys to their organization's bottom line. We have found that technology is only part of the solution, so our SaaS solutions position replenishment buyers as investors. You will see dramatic reductions in inventory, and finally gain control over service levels. Most importantly, you will free up cash to fuel business growth and fund your ideas without massive investment in technology infrastructure or complex implementation.

Implementation and Support

Through hundreds of system implementations, our team has refined our technical integration process to assure a rapid, low-risk project that moves you towards ROI in just weeks.

We know that success starts with strong management understanding. So our first educational session will be with the management team to ready them to capitalize on the benefits.

We conduct strategic and project sessions catered to the needs of leaders in IT, and replenishment & inventory management. In addition, since inventory policy decisions touch nearly every department in the company, we involve everyone in implementation kick off and keep them informed throughout the process.

World-Class Education

Another of our passions is empowering replenishment buyers and developing their role and careers. Far beyond technical training, we work to change the mission and daily mindset of your team. Through education, motivation, assessments, weekly communication and management sessions, we guide you to results.

Unmatched Expertise

Our team has been providing inventory solutions for four decades. We are laser-focused on replenishment and inventory management. Today, our global team represents the largest collection of forecasting and replenishment talent in the world, and the CLARITY Suite offers a new breakthrough in inventory investing.

Aggressive Innovation

Our Solution is built on today's technology, for today's companies, and considering the needs of today's inventory replenishment professionals. Our goal is to enable our customers to reach service, inventory and profit goals with a complete SaaS solution for inventory replenishment. No need for modules and add-ons.

By offering a solution that is complete, our customers gain the advantage of sharing a single version of forecast truth among departments, improving demand and inventory management. Doing it all with a focus on profit.