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Blue Ridge
Blue Ridge

Product: AddOn (Integrated) Software
CLARITY Replenish

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Contact: Ralph Widmaier
3696 Largent Way, Suite 200
Marietta, GA 30064
Ph: (404) 214-0856
Fx: (404) 214-0861
Email: ralph.widmaier@blueridgeinventory.com


Purchasing Management, Inventory Management, Planning & Scheduling
CLARITY Replenish The Blue Ridge CLARITY Inventory Replenishment solution assures proper inventory levels and increased cash flow by enabling distributors to manage inventory replenishment to service customers at superior levels, while maintaining inventory that minimizes cash requirements. Learn more...

CLARITY VMI Blue Ridge provides unique software that allows companies to use VMI and CPFR collaboration standards for forecasting supply and replenishment. We can enable your trading partners to help you improve your inventory effectiveness. At Blue Ridge we not only offer technology solutions, but also practical expertise in VMI and CPFR collaboration from working with collaborative replenishment experts like ACE Hardware. Our knowledge of what makes VMI, CPFR and collaborative replenishment successful helps companies capitalize on the opportunities in their supply chain. Learn more...
Planning & Scheduling, Business Reporting & Analytics, Other Capabilities
CLARITY SKU Rationalization The Blue Ridge CLARITY SKU Rationalization solution allows distributors to service customers as completely as possible from the nearest location, while creating a product mix in every location that is cost-effective. The benefits of inventory deployment optimization are proven. Fortune 500 healthcare distributor Henry Schein, Inc. in just 6 months reduced inventory and freight costs by millions while sustaining a significant increase in fill-rate to customers. Learn more...
Purchasing Management, Inventory Management, & Business Reporting & Analytics
CLARITY Lifeline Visibility Blue Ridge offers poweful analytics and experience inspired views. Too often companies struggle to determine the best key performance indicators for their analytics tools to measure. Blue Ridge recognizes this and provides both powerful, configurable analytical tools along with pre-built, best practice analytics that distributors can use as a baseline to measure the success of their inventory initiatives. Our unmatched expertise, along with our laser-focused mission to improve our customer's cash flow and bottom line let us assure that you have a strong foundation for evaluating results. Learn more...