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Planning & Scheduling

Planning and Scheduling refers to a process by which raw materials and production capacity are optimally allocated to meet demand, aiming to maximize efficiency of the operation and reduce costs.  Companies can use backward and forward scheduling to allocate plant and machinery resources, plan human resources, plan production processes, and purchase materials. 

The benefits of production scheduling include:

  • Process change-over reduction
  • Inventory reduction, leveling
  • Reduced scheduling effort
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Labor load leveling
  • Accurate delivery date quotes
  • Real time information

Planning & Scheduling Distribution Software Directory

Advanced Distribution Partners
Advanced Distribution Partners: Advanced Distribution Microsoft Dynamics® AX
See how applications like Advanced Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics® AX Enterprise Portal, Unified Communication integration, and Application Integration Framework can improve collaboration and efficiency across the workplace and the globe. Learn more...
Blue Ridge Blue Ridge: CLARITY Replenish
CLARITY Replenish
The Blue Ridge CLARITY Inventory Replenishment solution assures proper inventory levels and increased cash flow by enabling distributors to manage inventory replenishment to service customers at superior levels, while maintaining inventory that minimizes cash requirements. Learn more...
Blue Ridge Blue Ridge: CLARITY Replenish
Blue Ridge provides unique software that allows companies to use VMI and CPFR collaboration standards for forecasting supply and replenishment. We can enable your trading partners to help you improve your inventory effectiveness. At Blue Ridge we not only offer technology solutions, but also practical expertise in VMI and CPFR collaboration from working with collaborative replenishment experts like ACE Hardware. Our knowledge of what makes VMI, CPFR and collaborative replenishment successful helps companies capitalize on the opportunities in their supply chain. Learn more...
Blue Ridge Blue Ridge: CLARITY Replenish
CLARITY SKU Rationalization
The Blue Ridge CLARITY SKU Rationalization solution allows distributors to service customers as completely as possible from the nearest location, while creating a product mix in every location that is cost-effective. The benefits of inventory deployment optimization are proven. Fortune 500 healthcare distributor Henry Schein, Inc. in just 6 months reduced inventory and freight costs by millions while sustaining a significant increase in fill-rate to customers. Learn more...
Demand Management, Inc.
Demand Management, Inc.: Demand Solutions
Advanced Planning & Scheduling
Demand Solutions Advanced Planning & Scheduling is a powerful and easy-to-use production scheduling solution that quickly produces accurate schedules taking into account machines, personnel, tooling and inventory constraints. The Demand Solutions Advanced Planning & Scheduling software enables manufacturers to balance material, capacity and shop floor schedules simultaneously to meet customer demand “on-time” at the lowest costs. Learn more...
Epicor Software Corporation
Epicor Software Corporation: Epicor Distribution
Planning and Scheduling
Epicor offers comprehensive solutions for forecasting, distribution requirements planning (DRP), material requirements planning (MRP), scheduling, and advanced planning and scheduling to meet the needs of today’s agile businesses. For companies with complex processes that require project management and resource management capabilities, Epicor Planning and Scheduling offers a comprehensive solution that provides unparalleled operational visibility. Learn more...
Lawson: Lawson Distribution
Lawson M3 Supply Chain Management
The M3 Supply Chain Management suite is designed to increase visibility and improve material flow through the supply chain by managing planning, scheduling, procurement and fulfillment for optimum service levels and maximum profitability. Learn more...
NetSuite, Inc. NetSuite, Inc.: NetSuite Wholesale/Distribution Edition
The #1 Cloud-Based ERP/Financial Suite for Wholesale Distribution Companies
The NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition is the only cloud-based integrated business suite for wholesale distribution.

Solution enables:
Monitor and manage your business with the ultimate customizable business dashboard, featuring built-in best practices for
wholesale distribution.
Convert leads to orders, orders to shipments and shipments to revenue with NetSuite's advanced warehouse, inventory
management and order fulfillment capabilities.
Gain a real-time, 360-degree view of your customers and provide better customer service through NetSuite's seamless integration
of CRM with financials and other back-office systems.
Grow revenues, enter new markets and improve channel partner engagement with tools for partner relationship management (PRM).
Manage webstores and online business with NetSuite's ecommerce solution, which is tightly integrated with your accounting,
fulfillment, inventory, CRM, PRM and more. Learn more...
ProSoft Business Solutions
ProSoft Business Solutions: SAP Business All in One for Wholesale Distribution
Planning & Scheduling
SAP for Wholesale Distribution's planning functionality supports all phases of supply chain planning – from flexible demand forecasting to supply planning. With the SAP for Wholesale Distribution solution portfolio, you can use the tasks in the planning process to:
Calculate sales and procurement targets on the basis of historical, existing, and estimated future data
Determine demand quantities and delivery dates for product distribution
Monitor stock and the automatic creation of procurement proposals for purchasing and distribution
Learn more...