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HVAC Distributors buy heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment from manufacturers, and sell it to commercial, institutional, and contractor accounts.

The operations of industrial supply wholesalers revolve around inventory management, including order taking and fulfillment, delivery, billing and collections, and inventory replenishment and control. A typical wholesaler must track thousands of orders because the average customer order consists of a few items and low value.



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Distributors of these products require a flexible, robust ERP package that can manage a variety of inventory types at one time. The ERP software must have strong inventory management software functionality and a fully integrated warehouse management system.

Unique Features

Front counter capabilities

  • Fast, rapid checkout of contractors picking up items for the day’s jobs.
  • Flexible payment options that include cash, credit card or on-account.
  • Retail POS capabilities such as signature capture.

Quoting Products and Projects

Ability to quote many items quickly

Convert quote to order

Pricing flexibility

Complementary/Component item

  • Ability to identify and prompt users to purchase related items.
  • Ability to identify all components in a kit or package.

Job & Lot Billing

  • Ability to price all items as a “job”.
  • Ability to ship and invoice selected items on an order in stages as the construction process requires.

Document Management

  • Ability to link to electronic documents to eliminate the cost and time of storing paper.


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