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Fluid Power & Motion Control

The National Fluid Power Association (www.nfpa.com) defines Fluid Power as energy transmitted and controlled by means of a pressurized fluid, either liquid or gas. The term fluid power applies to both hydraulics and pneumatics. Hydraulics uses pressurized liquid for example, oil or water and pneumatics uses compressed air or other natural gases. Fluid power can be effectively combined with other technologies through the use of sensors, transducers and microprocessors. Distributors must have the expertise to deal with the engineering aspect of these systems.



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Many fluid power distributors are moving into high tech motion control distribution. They are taking on products that assist with streamlining entire systems that use fluid power components. These products include electronic devices such as sensors and linear controls. They are also moving towards computerization of systems to control operation of these sensors via the software programs.

Unique Features

Light Manufacturing

  • Ability to manage the assembly of items or kits from stock on hand.

Hose Assembly Management

  • Tracking components and options.

Lot and Serial Number Tracking

  • Track receipts by lots.
  • Track serial numbers for all serialized equipment.


  • Automate processing of customer returns.
  • Comply with manufacturers requirements for return processing.


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