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Blue Ridge
Blue Ridge

Product: AddOn (Integrated) Software
Cloud-Based Supply Chain Planning System


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The Blue Ridge approach is uniquely equipped to manage demand and supply planning for retailers and distributors in the most economical way possible. Beginning with the demand forecast, Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning doesn't just give you a statistical estimate of what items will do based on what happened in the past because items don't actually do anything themselves. It forecasts your customers and what drives them to buy, such as promotions, demographics, and a host of other factors, providing unprecedented accuracy to predicting where and when sales will occur.

Blue Ridge PrecisionPlanning™ technology translates your customer driven demand forecast into the most precise and economically driven demand and supply plan. The 'what,' 'how much,' and 'when' of all your future inventory orders are orchestrated to maximize profitability without sacrificing service to your customers.

Deep domain focus on retail and distribution and the unique supporting LifeLine™ service ensures you always have experienced professionals to support your supply chain and help guide your own team towards immense and sustainable results.

Because Blue Ridge technology is delivered via the Cloud and configured to your unique environment, there is almost no risk of a failed implementation and you can realize results in as little as 90 days.