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Apparel/Fashion & Retail

The apparel and fashion industry is focused on the design, manufacture, and distribution of clothing. Relaxation of quotas and other trade regulations has created a robust and quickly changing international environment for where styles are designed and where apparel is manufacturer. This, of course, creates for a complex supply chain. The presence of a few buyers with huge buying power dictates cost and delivery terms.



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Unique Features

Color, Size, Style

  • The combination of styles and colors and sizes creates a vast number of product combinations.  The ability to manage these combinations efficiently is critical to successfully managing all phases of operations
  • Integration of combinations with pricing, special pricing for certain sizes, customer classes, and product classes

Supply chain management

  • Manage global network of suppliers and customers

Strong inventory control and costing

  • Adoption of bar-coding standards
  • Manage landed costs
  • Accurate costing

Retail Partners

  • Manage EDI requirements
  • Manage packaging and labeling compliance requirements